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Our Services

We offer a range of different cutting techniques adhering to the British Standards BS3998, however, we do offer bespoke work on request if you have a specific idea about what should be done to your tree(s).

If you are unsure about any preservation orders which may be in effect or trees in conservation areas, we are happy to liaise with your local authority to establish the status of the trees in question.

Fell / dismantle: A fell is cutting a tree to its base, completely removing it from the environment. A dismantle is when a tree is taken down in pieces, sometimes using a method called “rigging” where the logs/branches are lowered on a series of ropes and pulleys to avoid damage to the surrounding environment e.g. a shed, fence or building, or even a prized shrub under the tree.

Selective reductions: A very delicate form of reduction where only selective branches that stick out are removed to make the tree aesthetically pleasing.

Crown clean: Removal of; foreign objects, dead dying or diseased branches, crossing branches or duplicate branches.